Professional Tools
Foxwell stand behind all our tools. We ensure we bring your scan tools of high quality at very competitive prices.

Regular Updates
Unlike some diagnostic brands, Foxwell is dedicated to bringing you regular updates for your scan tool. Foxwell dedicate a large percentage of it's revenue to research and development of software and products.

Local Backup and Support
Nothing is worse than buying a tool from overseas and having it fail then having to go through the ordeal of returning it back overseas for repairs. This time can cost businesses money and home mechanics precious repair time. It's also much easier dealing with someone in your local timezone and has English as a first language to help you solve your problems asap.

Product Knowledge
We know our products and what tools you will need for what situation. Buying diagnostic tools can be an expensive exercise if you choose the tool which doesn't suit your needs or doesn't work on your vehicle. That's why we are here to help.

Geunine Software
All Foxwell products are genuine in-house designed and programmed. They aren't copies of other diagnostic systems with a different packaging.

Designed for NZ/Aus Roads
All software is aimed for vehicles which drive on our roads and roads right through the Pacific. This is why our pro level units include Holden and Aus Ford Software