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One result of the increasing market share of diesel vehicles is that we are seeing more and more pressure related fault codes, with the high replacement cost of CRD components it is important to make an efficient accurate diagnosis. As always the first step in any diagnosis is to record and clear, and operate vehicle until fault codes reset. Symptoms and fault recordings indicating a malfunction in the fuel system require tests of the low-pressure and high-pressure circuit prior to component replacements. These tests prove helpful in the majority of cases, even when an ECU shows no fault entries at all despite poor engine performance. Determining which part of the system to test first – the high – or the low-pressure circuit – depends on the nature of the problem and on accessibility to the fuel system.

Reading the pressures with a digital pressure tester while viewing live engine data with a scan tool is an invaluable process as this enables you to quickly rule in and out the hydraulic / electrical system faults.

The CRD700 is specially designed for fast and accurate diagnosis of fault in common rail systems. It represents the state of the art technology for measuring the pressure on common rail systems.

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An incredibly valuable tool for you business!

- Checks high-pressure pump of common rail systems
- Dynamic test: measures actual pressure in common rail circuit with engine running
- Maximum pressure test: checks high-pressure pump and compares with manufacturer's values
- Stores maximum pressure value
- Environmental pressure adjustment
- Kit includes 2 high-pressure connectors (500 mm)
- Wireless data transmitter sends test results to computer for review and printing
- Automatic engine start from tester
- Extremely easy to use with user friendly menu

- Sensor type: ratiometric
- Measuring range: 0-2000 bar / 0-29000 psi
- Resolution: 1 bar
- Display: Backlit 64x128 pixels graphic LCD
- Sensor accuracy: +/- 1%
- Overpressure limit: 3000 bar
- Data transmission interface: wireless module

Package Includes:
- CDR700 tester
- User’s guide
- Blow molded case
- 1 flexible high pressure hoses M12*1.5/ M12*1.5
- 1 flexible high pressure hoses M12*1.5/ M14*1.5
- 1 metal tube M12*1.5/ M12*1.5
- 1 high pressure “T” adaptor
- 1 high pressure sensor
- 1 vehicle battery clip
- 1 2-pin connection cable
- 1 wireless data receiver



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