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The newly developed BT-780 Battery Analyzer from Foxwell aims to test start-stop AGM and EFB batteries. And it is developed to test 12V regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral and gel batteries and 12V & 24V starting and charging system. Advanced conductance test and ripple voltage test provide a quick, easy and affordable solution for technicians to check battery health and detect faults of starting and charging system. Besides, built-in thermal printer allows technicians to print the test data at anytime and anywhere.

Supports Car and Truck 12V and 24V

Features and Benefits:
- Multiple vehicle applications – passenger cars and duty trucks
- Tests batteries from rated from 100 to 2000CCA
- Tests multiple battery types- regular flooded,AGM flat plate ,AGM spiral and gel
- Tests multiple rating systems-CCA,BCI,CA,MCA,JIS,DIN,IEC,EN,SAE,GB
- Tests the batteries on the car directly- no need to remove the battery
- Detects bad cells
- Quick and accurate test result display in just 3 seconds
- Tests 12&24 volt charging system
- Advanced starter /alternator test
- Quick starter analysis without disabling the ignition
- Does not emit light,heat or spark ,or discharge battery-keeps operation safe for all levels of users
- Automatic temperature compensation
- Ripple voltage test for easy and intuitive check of faults
- Extremely easy to use with large backlit LCD display and menu-driven operation

Kit Includes:
BT-780 Main Unit
Test Cable
User's Guide
Carry Case

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